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What follows below is a  close-up of some aspects of the program.  There will be included various supplements/sources for supplements and other items of interest.  Providing this information and these products in this way will hopefully provide you a handy reference point for learning and applying the principles of the system. 

Be sure to also click on 'Healthy Habits' for more essential resources and information, all aimed at helping you to optimize your overall health and vitality! 

Omega 8004 Juicer 


There are many reasons to add juicing to your health protocols. Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, ' Freshly Juiced,' have extraordinary virtues in assisting the body to eliminate negative situations, and to reach and maintain, optimum function. There are basically two different 'types' to chose from- 'masticating' or 'centrifugal.' Although the centrifugal is, perhaps, more commercially popular and 'faster,' they are useless, destroying the healthy properties- I won't use them. Many recognize the superior juice that a masticating unit provides. And isn't that really what juicing's all about?

See, the main problem that isn't revealed to you by the ones on TV, such as Jack La Lane, Juiceman, and the like, is that those types are 'centrifugal' models. The aggressive mechanical action they employ does extract 'juice' but, the process is so destructive to the molecules that they actually 'fractionate,' get ripped apart and oxidized, making them biologically inactive and relatively useless. Though the juice 'tastes good' you're being fooled. The juice is 'dead.' You're throwing away your money both on the machine and all those wonderful organic foods you thought were going to nourish you!


NOTICE: purchase and use only with fresh organic products, otherwise you're wasting your time and money! 

Recommended Reading

The Cruise Control Diet

By: James Ward


Filtered water

Clean, healthy, well filtered water is at the core of this program.  The water you drink, cook and make your tea with, and to which you add the liquid zeolite must be the best possible.  You simply can't expect contaminated water to clear the toxic debris from your body effectively or efficiently.  To attain this in a practical and economical fashion I ask you to invest in the Aquaspace Carafe/filter and Aquatomic Micro Clustering Device.  These will meet your every expectation to have clean tasty water ready at hand for your daily consumption requirements.

I purchase mine at:   myhealth.themannings.com .  They are very reasonably priced and provide free fast shipping.  They also have a filter that removes Fluorine if your water company adds that.  It's much safer to remove this.  Simply call the Water department if you are unsure about this.

The Pau D'arco/Yerba Mate tea or PD/YM tea

-Please Google the teas/benefits-

The tea is prepared by adding 5-6 heaping tbsp of Pau D'arco shredded bark and 2-3 heaping tbsp of Yerba Mate to 8 cups of gently (not boiling!) simmering water in a large stainless steel pot for 20 minutes.  Turn off heat and let steep until cool enough to strain into a glass coffee pot (get 2 at a thrift store so you can cycle them) and place in the refrigerator for use.  Add some drops of NOW stevia to taste. Serve chilled. 

Note: The Pau D'arco bark is rather unwieldy to use so I crush mine up in a large mixing bowl by hand to make it easier to measure.  

Pau D'arco bark 'Frontier' brand is readily available at Amazon in 2 pound packs.  'Guayaki' Yerba Mate and 'Frontier' Pau D'arco are competitively priced at:  vitacost.com .  I recommend purchasing 2-3 pounds each to qualify for free shipping.  Try to drink 2-3 glasses during the day- makes a good substitute for AM cof 

I recommend that you 'cycle' this tea, either 5 days on- 2 days off or 6 weeks on- 2 weeks off to maintain effectiveness. 

Coffee Enema


This is a very important and powerful aid to detoxification.  It will dramatically enhance your desire to supercharge your health goals in every way.  I introduce and discuss the process in the final part of Healthy Habits.  I hope you will seriously consider employing this procedure.


The latest technological advancements in this audio science are proving to dramatically enable you to access abilities you only dreamed of before and eliminate negative mental issues that have been holding you back.  They are fantastic products and I hope that you will try them out.  Note:  These companies and products are special evolutions and carefully chosen to powerfully boost you to realizing your full potential.  

INNERTALK- Eldon Taylor


This is an excellent source for audible/subliminal induction resources- I suggest "Creativity"- Power Plus tech, "Esteem"- Power Imaging/hypnosis tech, and "Excellence"- HPP tech, as being particularly useful tools  Stop by and check it out!



 Using powerful binaural-beat brainwave technology hidden behind soothing rain or wave (I prefer rain) sounds you reduce stress, explore expanded states of awareness, improve feelings of well-being, focus, clarity, and creativity. These are powerful if used consistently and in combination with their designated purposes. For instance, if you are doing activities related to the various tracks on Focus, you can seriously enhance your creative concentration and thinking power!  Insight is profoundly relaxing and good for meditation and can assist you falling asleep. 

Note: stereo headphones are required that reproduce tones  20HZ-20,000HZ. Readily available at Amazon. I'm currently using the OneOdio Adapter -free DJ headphones for studio monitoring and mixing with top protein leather cups ($44.99) a phenomenal headset at this price @ Amazon! An earclip design is a very comfortable inexpensive way to go. Amazon has  Panasonsonic and Koss products for less than $20 that are very nice. The Koss KSC35 is an exceptional set if you wish outstanding sound quality for about $45 at koss.com. I also use the KabelDirect 20' 3.5 mm (1/8") Male to female audio extension cable (Amazon)so that I can sit in my LazyBoy or bed and listen via plugging into my PC or CD receiver, or just to move around in. $11.95. If you wish to have this available to plug your PC headphone jack into your stereo you will need their RuiLing 2 piece 3.5mm (1/8") male-to-male audio connector to make this work- $5.00 (both available at Amazon). Well worth it- I use it to plug my PC into my Bose AUX input to listen to quality Pandora Radio off the internet. 

King Oscar's Wild Caught Sardines

In Extra virgin Olive Oil- 12 Pack $32.64 @ Amazon

These are the small, tasty sardines. Highly nutritious and excellent for dinner with veggies!  Strain and rinse excess olive oil and enjoy!


Organic Natural& Raw un-salted Sunflower Seeds

(typically found @ your  'organic' resource.)

Raw Brazil Nuts & Chia Seeds

Raw Brazil nuts are a great source of natural selenium. Because this nut is so rich in selenium you must eat only about 3-4  per day or you can become toxic on selenium.  So remember that. If you can't find them locally, I'd buy 2-3 pound of 'I'm a Nut' raw Brazil nuts at Amazon,  or/ 'Shelled,' raw, large, fresh packed.  


Chia Seeds are a super way to charge up your body and to begin to rebuild your nutritional bank account. They are packed full of minerals and nutrients. Also, a fantastic source of high-quality omega-3's, a better source than flax seeds. You can spend up to $30/lb. for what is billed as special seeds from rare places, but it's all a bunch of marketing ploys at that point. Chia seeds are chia seeds, and they ARE very good for you. An inexpensive source that I've found is at "herbalcom.com" where it's about $7.00 lb. and " azurestandard.com " for about $4.00/lb.   I'd check Amazon, too, as prices vary.

Probably the best way to use them is to:

Mix 1/3 cup seeds to 2 cups water. Whisk (or shake in a glass jar). Wait 15 minutes and whisk/shake again. Store in the fridge. Take 3 tablespoons- 3 times a day (with or/ 

without meals, with supplements). Makes a thick gel that has no noticeable taste. 

Navage Neti Device


Please read the section about this toward the end of Health Habits.

PM Magnesium

About one hour before bedtime to promote regularity, I suggest  1-2 or 3  'NOW' brand Magnesium Caps  400 mg  180 Veg Capsules.  Be sure to order this exact product- there are similar ones.  (This one is composed of magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, and magnesium aspartate- available at Amazon)  This is to ensure regular daily movements.  If you are already happy with another product, OK.  Just make sure this is a daily event- don't get backed up or constipated!

Grass-Fed Bovine Collagen Peptides


This is a great protein supplement.  I put a scoop in my morning coffee and just before bedtime.  If you purchase the 3K bundle it becomes very affordable.  This is a recommended product to help you balance your body's protein- amino acid requirements.

NOW 'Better Stevia" (Organic) 8 FL. OZ


This is a very good resource for a healthy sweetener.  Best taste, cost, and ease of usefulness. 

Dr. Brownstein's Book: Iodine- Why you need it

Relentless Improvement Iodine Sublime or Iodoral or Lugol's Iodine


These go together and form the rationale, protocol, and supplements that give you what you require to implement one of the most powerfully significant dietary changes for your health and vitality! The Relentless Improvement iodine Sublime is identical to Iodoral but a better value.  NOTE: I recommend ALL of Dr. Brownstein's books as they are simply helpful research and support understanding scientifically your health and food choices.

Additional Supplements

I recommend the following list of priority supplements to those who wish to pursue this program. These will support your metabolic requirements and assist you in many ways to balance immune function. These all help to achieve your health goals and are ones I recommend for your consideration.  The priorities would be the top down to the fish oil.  If you are serious then please consider the others as well. 

1 Body Magnesium bisglysinate 120 caps 1 AM- 1 PM  (Amazon)

Ecological Formulas Allithiamine (Vitamin B-1) 1-3 daily

Vitacost Vitamin K2  MK7 200 mcg  200 caps-often BOGO  2-3 soft gels AM (vitacost.com)

Carlson Vitamin D-3  2,000 IU  360 soft gels  2 AM  (Amazon)

Jarrow Formulas Zinc Balance 15mg  1 AM 

Bulk Supplements Potassium Orotate (500 grams) 1/2 tsp 2-3 daily

Nature's Branch Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil  180 caps 1 AM- 1 PM Store in freezer (Amazon)

Nusapure Vitamin E 1,000 IU  1-2 daily in the early AM. 

Nutricost Niacinamide 500 mg 240 softgels 1 3x's/day 

Nutricost Vitamin B2 400 mg. 1-2 daily, more if you suffer migraines. 

Viva Deo Pure Beets Powder taste bitter- an elixir for blood, intimacy and high blood pressure. twice/day 

Omni Life Tart Cherry 3,000 mg 1 2-3 times/day 

Protocol For Life Balance Vitamin A 25,000 IU  once daily

'Qunol' ubiquinol 100 mg is far more potent than ordinary CoQ10 AM one per day (Amazon)

PQQ 20 mg is a powerful all-star closely related to CoQ10 for heart/cardiovascular health. I recommend 'Health Thru Nutrition' 20 mg 120 caps at (Amazon)  These last two are excellent for heart health.

Acetyl L-Carnitine 500 mg three times per day.  This is a very necessary, powerful addition to detox and energize cell functions and compensate for protein needs!  (Amazon) 

Bulk Supplements MSM (Amazon) OptiMSM at Amazon 1 lb. coarse is the best product!

Now N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) 600 mg 250 caps 1 three times per day (Amazon)

Now Ascorbyl Palmitate 500mgs rather than normal Vitamin C as it is easier to absorb 

Freshfield Black Seed oil recommended dose twice daily


(It is to be noted that the above taken as directed are much more effective used in combination- each uses properties of the others to be optimized by the body- they should be considered first.)


Igennus Super-Complex  (Full Spectrum B's) 60 tablets 1  twice per day (Amazon) 


Now Methyl B-12  1,000 mcg  100 lozenges  dissolve 1 under the tongue daily (Amazon)

NOW Selenium 'OR' 3-4 Shelled Raw Brazil nuts.  (not both)

To avoid toxic imbalances,  my menu suggestions, particularly the Brazil nuts/sardines, also provide for other trace mineral needs. If your physician recommends something, then that's his prerogative based on the evaluation of a specific medical condition. 

Linus Pauling/Rath Protocol for Plaque Removal


This little-known combination of Ascorbic Acid and the amino acids Lysine and Proline has demonstrated that it can rapidly and safely remove arterial plaque and reverse conditions responsible for arteriosclerosis and heart disease.  The underlying protocol is described at this site. I use Bulk Supplements Lysine 1 rounded tsp,  Bulk Supplements Proline 1/2 slightly rounded tsp,  2 tightly packed '0' caps of Bulk Supplements Sodium Ascorbate powder all taken together with a glass of water (dissolve lysine/proline) twice per day.  Additionally, I take 2 '0' caps of the Sodium Ascorbate 3 more times divided through the rest of the day. Caps and the other products available at Amazon. Sodium Ascorbate is utilized more efficiently by the body, is not acidic and much less likely to cause digestive or diarrhea distress. 

Highly recommended! 


Skin Care

Typically, it's probably best to not use soap when you shower unless you are really 'dirty.'  This is because your skin's natural oils should not be upset. Simply use a wet washcloth or loffa scrub. If you do then , I suppose, something such as Dove would be less stressful here. Still, occasionally, I do suggest these items below for they do have beneficial qualities.

Sulfur soap.  I know it's strange but I love this shower soap.  I use with luffa gloves (also at Amazon)- get wet (you and the gloves)- rub soap on gloves- scrub all over and rinse.  The four pack 10% traditional sulfur soap (Amazon) works well and is my choice...  My skin likes the sulfur, feels clean and healthy!  Do this every once in a while to derive the desirable features of this 'therapy.' May not be your thing but read the reviews... 

Puracy Natural Body Wash & Natural Laundry Detergent- alternate with the Sulfer Suds or alone (Amazon)

Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for a hair rinse and underarm deodorant. Excellent to do the body to eliminate Candida Albicans overgrowth and 2 Tbspn with water as a douche to reduce yeasty stuff 

Grapeseed oil for facial and body moisturizer. Sold in the grocery store in the salad oil section. A great sex oil.

Plant Guru Pure Raw African Shea Butter- Note: Rub in the hands to soften an liquify.  Apply a very light coat evenly and more if heel calluses are a problem (wear 1/2 socks). Works well for the body- some find it works well for hair (light), scalp and face...   Read reviews. If it doesn't absorb easily in about 20-30 minutes you've used too much... (Amazon)

Tien Gunn


Tien Gunn, meaning 'celestial stem, is an ancient and rarely taught series of exercises for health and self-defense. These exercises are derived from the legendary internal styles of Pa Kua and Hsing- I.  Via a series of easy to learn and execute movements, the body or, 'celestial stem,' becomes strong and flexible, the circulation of chi and blood is increased, and a powerful root connection to earth is established. Much more simple to master than T'ai Chi one can practice this in a small clear space and does not require any unusual strength or agility.

Partial List of Common Toxic Food Additives

 -Substances have proven unsafe- to cause cancer and/or other degenerative, life-threatening illness-

--Modified foods, artificial flavors and seasonings, preservatives--

sodium nitrate- sulfites- azodicarbonamide- potassium bromate- propyl gallate- BHA/BHT-propylene glycol- butane- MSG- disodium inosinate- disodium guanylate- rBGH- sodium benzoate- brominated vegetable oil- olestra- carrageenan- polysorbate 60- carnauba wax- magnesium sulfate- chlorine dioxide- paraben- sodium carboxymethyl cellulose- aluminum- bleached starch- tert butylhydroquinone- acesulfame potassium- bisphenols- phthalates- perflouroalkyl chemicals (PFCs)- perchlorate- aspartame- sucralose- high fructose corn syrup- partially and fully hydrogenated vegetable oil- sodium phosphate- interesterified fats- brominated vegetable oil- hydrolyzed vegetable protein- modified food starch- caramel coloring- sodium bisulfate- calcium propionate- sodium nitrite- sulfur dioxide- propyl gallate- potassium bromate- benzaldehyde- diacetyl- cinnamonic aldehyde- ethyl propionate- methyl anthranilate- etc., etc., etc...

 just for starters.  


 Pesticides are toxic poisons, created to kill pests that interfere with modern food production practices and commercial interests.  They are virulent, biologically destructive- not something fit to eat!

--Artificial Colors-- 

Red #2, 3 & 40- Blue #2 & 4- Citrus Red # 1 & 2- Green #3- Yellow #5 & 6 and more. 

The list grows daily as new ones are added to our food supply!



Some vitamins and herbs MAY possibly affect or interact with the personal prescriptions or critical conditions you may have. So, to avoid adverse consequences or doubts, remember that I always recommend that you keep your health care professional/pharmacist in the loop! ( Got to protect myself and you, too!).